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August 02, 2013

Upcoming Events

Dear Friends,

In addition to the shows listed, I’m really excited to announce some major opportunities taking place over the next few months. First up is a preview of work related to my Creative Capital Project at Gallery 4Culture this Thursday, August 1st. Recapitulation: Assassin Series - this body of work illuminates similarities between death by lynching and the flood of shootings in present day America. In sync with the extrajudicial quality of lynching, today’s shootings often go unprosecuted; or, if they go to trial, often end in dismissal of the accused.

In addition to the upcoming talk at the gallery, I’ll also be a guest speaker for Artist Trust’s EDGE Program in Port Townsend, WA; IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY; keynote speaker at the Seattle Race Conference at Seattle University; Arizona State University; as well as the Association of Independent Colleges of Arts and Design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Upcoming performances include SAM Remix at the Olympic Sculpture Park and the Chapel Performance Space - both in Seattle.

This fall I’ll embark on a few new adventures: a two-day residency at Heritage University in Toppenish, WA; and a year-long residency at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). My title will be the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation Artist in Residence and Research Fellow at MICA. More information coming soon. During this residency, I’ll continue to curate my Open Studio Project and continue various projects in the region.

As I watch current events, I see that art is more crucial than ever. I’m really excited about Recapitulation: Assassin Series. I started working on the Assassin Series over a year and a half ago. I hope you can come out.

Your support means a great deal. Individuals and organizations - I appreciate each and every one of you.

With gratitude,


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Paul Rucker

Paul Rucker is a visual artist, composer, and musician who combines media, often integrating live performance, sound, original compositions, and visual art. His work is the product of a rich interactive process, through which he investigates community impacts, human rights issues, historical research, and basic human emotions surrounding a subject.

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