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Seattle Magazine

Seattle Magazine Spotlight Art Award – String Theorist
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Seattle Times

Cellist and all-around artist seeks beauty in improv.
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Sound Magazine

The New Renaissance Man
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Earshot Jazz

Mapping The Future, February 2004
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Seattle Weekly

Paul Rucker’s Work Requires No M.F.A to Appreciate
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The Wire

Review of History of an Apology and Oil.
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Earshot Jazz

New Works from a New Leader, November 2011
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Aloft: The Museum of Flight Magazine

Seattle Artist Paul Rucker Adds Audio Experience to Museum’s New Bridge, July 2008
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Earshot Podcast

Paul Rucker on Creating beyond Boundaries
Podcast and companion article.

Earshot Jazz

Jazz: The Second Century, August 2007
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Seattle Channel Television Interview

Paul Rucker on Verve.
Verve is a half-hour showcase of local artists-those already known and those yet to be discovered. Each monthly episode of Verve will consist of video portraits of three artists. Viewers will get a look inside the artists’ worlds—their creative processes, studio and work environments, and thoughts on inspiration.

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Paul Rucker on ArtZone with Nancy Guppy Television Interview

Television interview with Paul about his public art installation at the Museum of Flight with an in studio performance.

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The Stranger

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Paul Rucker

Paul Rucker is a visual artist, composer and musician who combines live performance, sound, original compositions and visual art. His work is the product of a rich interactive process, through which he investigates community impacts, human rights issues, historical research and basic human emotions surrounding a particular subject matter.

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Fall 2012

AiR Residency

Headlands Center for the Arts
Sausalito, CA


Artist in Residence

Tacoma, WA

Oct 6, 2012 8am–5pm

Race, Education, and Criminal Justice Conference

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Featured speaker/cello performance

Nov 1, 2012 6:30–8:30PM

Artist Trust 2012 Awards Party

Seattle Center: Experience Music Project
Recognition of the Conductive Garboil Grant
More info at

Conductive Garboil After Party
Tashiro Kaplan Artists Lofts #508

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